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The Spiritual Bankruptcy Of Yoga Teacher Training

It has taken me weeks to process the ramifications of Kathy’s message. I remain undecided as to whether I will find a way to reconcile my loss of faith in the yoga community with my love for the practice and the breathtakingly courageous people I teach. It saddens me to think students excited about any transformative practice, like yoga, would be subjected to so much misplaced fear and hatred…it is even worse, as a community, that we label this “yoga teacher training!”

Risk Everything

My big nose I can remember standing in front of the mirror at 16 and seeing only one thing…a giant nose. I recall obsessive feelings of revulsion boil up inside myself. I felt ugly. I know now teenagers go through a lengthy period period of awkward transformation and irrational feelings fueled in part by hormones and the liminal process of becoming an adult.