Top 5 Yoga Postures For a More Pleasurable Sex Life: #2 Ustrassana

Top 5 Yoga Postures For a More Pleasurable Sex Life: #2 Ustrassana


Top 5 Yoga Postures For a More Pleasurable Sex Life Posture #2 Ustrassana {heart conveyer}

Sexual Being

Sex without passion, while perhaps a necessity from time to time, is really no different than the most mundane activities of daily life…like brushing ones teeth. When was the last time you were giddy with excitement or felt great passion about brushing your teeth…perhaps never but that is my point. Who wants their sex life to feel obligatory and passionless…no one! So where navasana gave us the stamina to stay with our pleasure, ustrassana gives us a supple spine so we can unlock our passion.

I Am A Love Warrior

Body posture and how we feel about ourselves are intimately connected. In fact, studies by social psychologists like Amy Cuddy*, give us empirical evidence that the shapes we take and hold in our body can predict how we feel and how other people respond to us, i.e. feel about us. There is also a correlation between the shapes we hold and levels of hormones like testosterone and cortisol (which is released during periods of stress). So slumping over your keyboard all day, everyday is potentially killing your libido, while making you look less desirable. Enter ustrassana,the posture for a more positive spin both in and out of the bedroom.

Say It With Feeling

If there is one thing that can make or break a sexual experience, it is presence. When students practice ustrassana for the first time they often experience anxiety and fear. The openness of the posture combined with its unique relationship to the nervous system, make it a truly mind altering experience. ustrassana activates and elongates the primary muscles of the abdomen, chest and the quadriceps through extension of muscles along the backside of the torso. It targets and lengthens some of the same muscles that boat posture strengthened, like the psoas. There is also a great deal of isometric contraction in the thighs to help stabilize the form. Probably the biggest benefit is increased range of motion in the hip flexors and the low back. The result is a body and mind that is literally and figuratively more balanced, confident and strong. In the bedroom…lets just say it helps loosen up more than just your hips!


Do sex and love have to be blended…who knows. I will say finding and following your bliss in life can be severely hammered if you never learn how to open the cage door and set your heart free. Years of collapsing in the upper back and chest can mean that we literally loose the capacity to feel passion. Ustrassana throws the doors to passion wide open and sets the stage for intense love making. FYI: Sex is better…when it is practiced with feeling.


If you experience resistance in the low back or thighs, modify by curling the toes into the mat to help lift the heels. For a challenge, once the tops of your feet are flat, try walking the fingers toward the toes. The temptation in the beginning will be to allow the thigh bones to drift toward the heels…resist this by thrusting the pelvis forward while tucking the tail bone.

See you on the mat!

*You can find Amy’s amazing Ted Talk

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