Tidal Forces

There is no distance between us. The atoms making up my transition into tomorrow could be some of the very same atoms he holds in his gaze. We are all variations on a theme. Genomic expressions of similar differences. 

The Real vs The Symbolic

The problem isn't so much whether language succeeds or fails at signifying the real, it is our refusal to acknowledge the "realness" of language unto itself...I see this as a third thing existing outside of but also within the real...it is the feedback loop we know as consciousness.

The Spiritual Bankruptcy Of Yoga Teacher Training

It has taken me weeks to process the ramifications of Kathy’s message. I remain undecided as to whether I will find a way to reconcile my loss of faith in the yoga community with my love for the practice and the breathtakingly courageous people I teach. It saddens me to think students excited about any transformative practice, like yoga, would be subjected to so much misplaced fear and hatred…it is even worse, as a community, that we label this “yoga teacher training!”